Mr. Silla

Saturday 16th March, 11:00pm - Northcote Social Club

Emerging from her involvement with influential bands such as múm and Mice Parade, Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, aka Mr. Silla, has blossomed into a creative force of reckoning. Matched only by a truly honest and evocative stage presence, the musically transcendent ebb and flow of Mr. Silla is as breathtaking as it is life giving. The often ethereal sonic landscapes explored on her self-titled debut album, released on 12 tónar, are even more proof of what the creative hatchery of Iceland has to offer.

Mr. Silla on Facebook

Saturday 16th March, 9:45pm - Northcote Social Club

Tyrone and Lesley are a songwriting and performance duo who pair the high and low in a wild and binary orbit in the dark and sparkling space around the ukulele. They are a little bit in love with MUF which has seen them go from strength to strength, releasing 5 albums, the most recent of which, OPTIMISM, was dubbed Ukulele Recording of the Year by Ukulelehunt. "The skill needed to pull our emotions from amused jubilation to sombre beauty is a rare one but these guys have it in abundance" (ukeplanet)

Choo Choo Toys

Saturday 16th March, 2:00pm - Open Studio

Choo Choo Toys are Bee Peruscoand Alan Gannaway. They formed Wilde & Free to perform for events at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They have also frequented markets and parties at the Rocks in Sydney and a plethora of corporate events as well as Beams Festival and Mountains to the Sea in Wollongong. They love to perform classic popular songs from the 1890’s through to 60’s with Alan’s trusty Baritone Ukuleles and Bee’s delightful vocals. They are always striving to add to their range of classic and popular songs in French, Spanish and Bee’s native Italian.

Saturday 16th March, 8:30pm - Northcote Social Club

Melbourne Ukulele Kollective present Transformer.

MUK, Australia’s first ukulele group, est. 2004, perform Lou Reed’s classic 1972 album, Transformer. Including such greats as Walk on the Wild Side, Perfect Day and Satellite of Love, the album marked the beginning of Reed’s solo career after his split with the Velvet Underground and is a landmark of his career. In true, colourful MUK style we will be embracing the transformative theme of the album and will be resplendent in a wide variety of Drag.

Since bursting upon the televisions of the nation in February 2006 with a 50 strong group of ukers of all ages performing a rousing rendition of "Long Way to the Top" by AC/DC, the MUK has helped the ukulele rise like a musical tsunami! When they began planning the first MUK Big Band shows back in 2004 there were no other ukulele groups in the country and it was hard to find a decent uke for sale in any local stores. Of course it's a different picture now!

As in the beginning, the MUK is an open ukulele group and has no restrictions for membership. They play at festivals, weddings, community gatherings, charity events, pubs, schools, chicken sheds, etc. Like most uke groups, their repertoire is a mix of old and new. They have free beginners classes at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 681 Sydney Rd Brunswick, every Wednesday from 6-7pm. Participants are encouraged to stay on for the MUK rehearsal which follows.

MUK is very proud to be a major financial supporter of the Melbourne Ukulele Festival since its inception in 2010 and many of its members give greatly of themselves to make the festival a reality!


Saturday 16th March, 3:50pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

SKULL was formed in 2015 to fill the ukulele void in Melbourne's southside with some DIY community uke fun.

Come to our free SKULL Tuesday Night Uke Jam every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month upstairs at St Kilda RSL in Acland St.

Black Orchid Stringband

Sunday, 17th March, 5:15pm - Wesley Anne

Black Orchid Stringband is comprised of West Papuan musicians and activists currently based in Melbourne who use music to maintain the spirit of national unity in the West Papuan struggle for freedom. With an emphasis on rhythmic ukuleles and big harmonies, the group’s music draws on the rich backlog of songs written and archived in the spirit of cultural survival and political expression of West Papua.

The Black Orchid Stringband acknowledges the past and present Papuan elders who pioneered in the role of arts and culture through music to inspire us today and future generations.

More information at:
YouTube video:



Saturday 16th March, 5:20pm - Open Studio

Karin is a high-energy ukulele player with a unique combination of heavy-metal, pop and rock songs. So if you need a strong dose of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kiss, Patti Smith and Joan Armatrading, Karin is for you. Most recently, she was a lead act at the Yarraville Music Festival, the Sandringham Music Festival, St Kilda 95, and has performed at the riotous Bearpit in Berlin. Come and rock!

Cousin Alice Trio

Sunday 17th March, 8:00pm - 303

With Sam Lemann and James Clark. “Think Tom Waites meets Peggy Lee & Marianne Faithful” -Jools Holland

Cousin Alice’s unique singing and playing is gritty, heartfelt and sweet, delivered with humour and a captivating personality. She seduces audiences with her smokey voice and antique banjo-ukulele playing, backed by the finest International Jazz and Blues Musicians.

Holding the crowd in the palm of her hand, be it a large music venue or intimate cabaret club, Cousin Alice is a magnetic performer. A talented singer/songwriter, she performs a collection of jazz standards, pop, nostalgia, blues and her own original work, including “Kukerichoo”, a number one hit in South Korea. Based in London but raised in New Zealand, of Barbadian/Welsh/English/Sephardi parentage, she draws on a rich infusion of Maori, Polynesian, Carribean and Calypso culture.

Jazz glamour... She’s swing... she’s gorgeous !” -Diva Magazine


Sunday 17th March, 12:00pm - Open Studio

Blenderwave, from Manila, Philippines brings ukulele music with a lo-fi jangly dreampop vibe and reverb-drenched vocals to those who enjoy laid back dreamy sounds for long journeys whilst lost in deep thought.

Latest single on Bandcamp:

Sarah Carroll

Sunday 17th March, 7:15pm - 303

“Some of us come leaping into this world with a sparkly set of pipes ready to conquer the ears of the masses. Sarah’s tone, timbre and delivery sit squarely at the other end of the spectrum: honed by a life of keen listening, while supporting or collaborating with other singers and musicians, Sarah’s voice has matured into the kind of ripe fruit that artists dream of possessing -considered, compassionate, wise, strong and female,moving.” Jackie Marshall, The Travelling Songwriter’s Almanac, April 2018

Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals over a 25 year career, and is noted for her work with GIT, The Junes and The Cartridge Family.

She launched her epic progressive country album Star Parade, out on Sugarrush Music,with a national tour in 2017 and a trip to the USA, where she appeared at Americanafest as part of the Australian contingent.

Bandcamp - Facebook


Sunday 17th March, 1:30pm - Wesley Anne

Dafka is a fun, vibrant duo performing on ukuleles and vocals who play what they call Cosmopolitan Mediterranean, a range of genres from Gypsy, Klezmer, Blues, Jazz, French chanson and more. David charms and enchants his audiences with his performances. He is a dynamic multi-instrumentalist, a member also of the bands Klezmania and Belle Musette and a widely travelled professional performing musician, composer/arranger and educator for lessons, workshops and ensembles. Rebecca combines her lifelong love of music with a strong and vital rhythmic approach to the ukulele, leading the audience along a magical journey through Dafka’s diverse musical styles.

The Emerald Ruby

Sunday 17th March, 6:30pm - 303

Sometimes classical musicians are led astray by the lilting sounds of folk music. This is what happened to Australian flautist Jennifer Hankin, leading her to the sound of The Emerald Ruby. Combining glittery ukulele, lilting flutes and melodic vocals, her whimsical songs will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Blog - Facebook - Bandcamp - Spotify - Youtube - Soundcloud - Lookbook - Ello - Twitter - Society 6

Ma Petite

Saturday 16th March, 4:00pm - Open Studio

Ma Petite is Melbourne born musician Indiana Avent’s solo project. After spending over a decade in the music industry playing violin for artists such as Bon Iver, Soko, Dan Mangan, Gotye, and Amanda Palmer, Avent decided to put her own originals out into the world. With guitar or ukulele in hand, Avent paints tales of her dreams, experiences and aspirations, the little stories within the songs are brought to life with charmingly honest song writing, which creates a whimsical tapestry for Avent’s stories to be told.

Avent moved to Canada in early 2011 to record her debut album ‘The road that led me to Fall’, an album written during her time spent in Canada in 2010. The concept was to create a cross collaboration project, encompassing Avent’s own unique Australian style, while capturing the essence of the Canadian independent folk/singer songwriter scene, which along with the vast natural beauty of Canada, influenced and inspired many of the songs on the album.

This vision came to life with the help of Vancouver based Producer Paul Beochler and a plethora of talented local musicians, including Aidan Knight, Kenton Loewen (Dan Mangan, Gord Gradina), Jordan Klassen, and Matt Kelly (City and Colour, Yukon Blond).

The road that led me to Fall was released in April 2014, followed by a Canadian/European tour. Avent returned to Australia in October for more performances in support of the release, and festivals.

Dino Divo

Sunday 17th March, 1:20pm - Open Studio

Dino Divo (aka Dean Denham) is the man who brought you the mighty Melbourne Ukulele Kollective way back in 2004 and is also the Director of the Melbourne Ukulele Festival. He’s been playing uke since 2002 and loving it! This show will include his fave covers and a few original tunes. Bold and brash, heartfelt and prone to emotional outbursts and being tearfully overcome by the beauty of the world, Dino’s performances are as exciting as they are confronting.

P. H. U. C.

Saturday 16th March, 4:30pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

Miss Wattle and the Panton Hill Ukulele Club hail from the wilds of outer north-eastern Melbourne. They have visited local and interstate festivals, playing a mix of originals and re-jigged covers with a special focus on calypso, western swing and just plain old fun. They love to push the envelope with what they play and do, but note that they are sexy not desperate.


Saturday 16th March, 4:40pm - Open Studio

Intrigued by the new wave of ukulele players and converts? Imagine if Eddie Vedder, Amanda Palmer, LP, and Sheryl Crowe came together for a musical evening...

Australian ukulele player/singer/songwriter Chrissy serves up some serious prowess on the four stringed instrument dipped in upbeat vibes and drizzled with commercial sensibilities. Her signature radio friendly riffs, rockin rhythms, and chordal bliss combined with witty lyricism, catchy melodies, and smooth vocals places her in a unique category.

Chrissy credits the ukulele as her instrument of musical rebirth, ‘I felt something really special that moment I picked it up and played. It’s a community instrument.’ Ditching her guitars, amps, and late night dive bar gigs, Chrissy joined the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective and played the prestigious Hamer Hall. Her attendance at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival was a major turning point in her life, ‘I met all these ukulele players touring the world and it sounded so freeing and enticing.’ Aside from her original tunes, Chrissy loves to take well known classics and give them new life - jazzy renditions of Madonna’s ‘Into the Groove’ and Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ both pay homage to musical influences and challenge audiences with radical interpretations.

After a successful grass roots 2018 USA tour, Chrissy returned to Australia to write the score to a feature film, pen new tracks for her debut album, and play to Aussie audiences. Her 2019 US tour promises to bring new flavor to her performances including live looping and beatboxing because variety is what Chrissy thrives on.


Sunday 17th March, 2:45pm - Wesley Anne

A group like no other, the Uke4Kids Family Orchestra rock a stage in fresh and surprising ways.

Comprised of some of the most talented and enthusiastic students from the Uke4Kids program, these kids never fail to impress. Come be entertained by their contemporary repertoire, sophisticated arrangements and high energy performances.

After playing many national festivals the U.F.O. is ready to rock MUF 2019!

Check out their YouTube channel for a taste of what you’ll get.

The Brass Traps

Sunday 17th March, 12:45pm - Wesley Anne

The Brass Traps will put a smile on your face, a tap in your toe and a tune in your voice! Featuring Bernard and assorted special guests, the Brass Traps have lately been making a feature of lyrical and melodic determinism. Aspirations have become transpirations, predictions have eventuated, and intangibles have materialised. What does the future hold? Come along to the Brass Traps massed fortune telling, and you'll be the first to know!

The Brass Traps' website

The Brass Traps on Facebook

Emerald Primary School Orchestra

Saturday 16th March, 3:10pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

The Emerald Primary School Orchestra has been performing for 5 years. Its original members have all gone off to secondary schools around Victoria. However, there is a new group in town and inspired by their predecessors, they are eager to show the world what they can do.

Below are a couple of links to a few videos of our last show as part of the Dandenong Ranges Ukulele Festival.

Tina D Tunes

Saturday 16th March, 12:00noon - Open Studio

Singer-songwriter Tina D and her baritone ukulele present original tunes. Like an old fashioned cocktail, her songs have classic stylings, a dash of bittersweet, a twist of humour and a generous splash of tenderness

Lenny the Love Cowboy

Saturday 16th March, 12:40pm - Open Studio

Singer and Ukulele Slinger

Saddle up and take a ride across the musical range with Lenny the Love Cowboy. A fixture at Tassie festivals, markets & street corners, Lenny has delighted crowds for the past few years with a powerful voice & a wildly eclectic songbook, taking his ukulele to new and unusual places in a surprising journey across decades & multiple musical genres. His sparse, stripped back sound can move from a sweet serenade to a primal howling hoedown, delivering great songs with heart, designed to please any audience.


Sunday 17th March, 3:45pm - Wesley Anne

Based in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, Duplicity comprises Sue Kidd (Vocals, Ukulele and Percussion) and Brendan Canty (Ukulele, U-Bass, Guitar and Vocals). Covering a range of musical genres from Jazz and Blues to Rock and Pop, Duplicity offers something for everyone. Combining clever arrangements with beautiful vocals, Duplicity takes ukuleles to places they don't normally go. As well as regular gigging Duplicity is active on the Australian festival circuit and in November 2018 performed in New Zealand supporting Paul Jonson and Manitoba Hal Brolund.

BUG: Boolarra Ukulele Group

Saturday 16th March, 1:10pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

Originally formed as a ‘beginning’ ukulele players group back in 2012, BUG has developed into a group of ukulele musicians and singers from Gippsland. Presenting covers from the early decades to now as well as their own songs, the group’s repertoire has everyone singing along to both the old and new tunes. With nine members in the group, variety of sound with different ukuleles including bass, plus a mix of strong harmonies comes together for an entertaining time with great audience participation.

Señor Quinn

Sunday 17th March, 2:00pm - Open Studio

Señor Quinn Classic tunes from the 60's through till today reinvented on the electric ukulele with looper, drum machine and fx pedals - a modern one man band!

Chicks with Picks

Saturday 16th March - Northcote Uniting Church - Forecourt

Chicks with Picks Melbourne is a community of women and girls who study guitar & ukulele with teacher, Helen Begley. Their performances showcase a love of surprising cover songs, spontaneous harmonies and plenty of twiddly bits. They are often joined by Surrey Hills Men's Ukulele Orchestra. They have become regular performers at local festivals and pubs around Melbourne.

Helen Begley's website

Keira Goldstein

Saturday 16th March, 3:20pm - Open Studio

Ten year old Keira first picked up a ukulele aged nine and within just a few months was writing her own songs, learning new songs by ear and teaching herself guitar. Inspired by artists such as Grace Vanderwaal, Keira quickly developed her own confident solo style. Though she is still learning her craft, Keira is steadily building a reputation as a talented local musician, earning the opportunity to perform regularly at school events as a solo performer as well as part of the school choir, with the odd public performances thrown in. After attending the 2018 Melbourne Ukulele Festival, Keira set herself a goal to perform at the 2019 Festival, and to become a regular performer within the industry overall.

Jane Cameron

Sunday 17th March, 3:00pm - Wesley Anne

Singer,songwriter and more... A prolific songwriter, Jane brings a darker approach to the ukulele than you might expect. Ranging from catchy pop folk to dark moody blues, her songs are rich in narrative, building characters and stories that are both familiar and fresh, humorous and heart-breaking. She explores and exposes the foibles of the human heart with gentle compassion and a dark twist of humour.

Jane has supported celebrated cigar box guitarist Justin Johnson (USA) and performed at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival (2013/2014), the Cairns Ukulele Festival (2014), Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival (2014), Spruke (2013), the Round in Brisbane and the Unpaved Songwriter Sessions at the Old Bar in Melbourne as well as at the Recycled Roots Festival (Bendigo), Some Velvet Morning, Bar Oussou, Luxor Lounge, Station 59, On Top Bar and the Wesley Anne.



Saturday 16th March, 1:50pm - Northcote Uniting Church - Chalice

Ukelicious is a great mix of music and ukulele fun.

Hosted by the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club, Ukelicious combines ukulele lesson groups and local strum clubs to form this band.

Based in Gippsland, they share their music in the community at a range of gigs. A feature of their performance is always their singing.

The group at MUF 2018 is lead by Di Stephens and Julie Bradley.

From their photo, can’t you tell that Ukelicious would love to see you at their gig.

Rose Turtle Ertler

Sunday 17th March, 4:30pm - Wesley Anne

Rose Turtle Ertler has been strumming the darling little ukulele since she plugged it into an effects pedal in 2000 and was greatly impressed by the hugeness of the sound. She later learnt how to play it properly (learning the triplet strum from a Tongan player was a real turning point!) and no longer needed to hide behind the novelty of a wall of distortion. The ukulele has taken Rose on numerous adventures from New Zealand to New York and has connected her with some amazing people including the Melbourne West Papuan community who she plays with in the Black Orchid Stringband.

A few albums are available at Most are downloadable for free or by donation.

More info at:

Amie Brûlée

Saturday 16th March, 2:40pm - Open Studio

"Oh, je t’adore", said the singer to the ukulele.

Amie and her small stringed friend bring you fabulous songs in seductively vintage style. Recently spotted in Paris with her ukulele (that’s ukulélé in French), she sings an eclectic mix of French chansons, vintage jazz, and other tunes that cross her path and take her fancy. After a terribly serious music degree at the University of Melbourne, Amie has journeyed through classical, jazz and cabaret to discover an imaginative place where simplicity rules. What she really loves to do is sing great songs, tell interesting tales and have some fun with the audience. What else can you do with a repertoire that includes Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, 1920s swing, New Orleans blues, Cole Porter, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and flamenco?

Grubby Urchins

Sunday 17th March, 8:55pm - 303

On the nebulous intersection of trad jazz, sea shanty and good ol’ fashioned progressive folk sit The Grubby Urchins, a duo of happy-go-lucky young Melbournians with dirty feet, useless degrees and a penchant for the eclectically bizarre.

Armed with heady harmonies and intrepid instrumentals the Urchins wage their reckless stylistic war on songs old and new, leaving audiences grinning in politeness and confusion and wondering where the youth of today went wrong.

Having blazed trails, run workshops, and led sessions at venues from Mildura to Montréal, the Urchins are back on the road in 2019 keeping folks lively with their unique brand of dynamic double banjo and lusciously provocative ukulele.



Sunday 17th March, 2:40pm - Open Studio

Cyprian's energy and passion for the ukulele is gaining momentum across the music scene, seeing him become a regular fixture at ukulele and folk events.

With highly crafted melodies and energetic rhythms Cyprian's instrumental renditions of well known songs offer an individual take on genres from folk, jazz/ blues, world music, grunge and everything in between.

Cyprian's warm energy and soul filled melodies engage audiences across all genres and ages.

Melbourne Ukeladies

Saturday 16th March, 2:30pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

We are a group of 11 ladies who began the group over 4 years ago. We are all 50+ and only play and sing for pure enjoyment.

We have regular singing lessons and then apply that to our uke practices on Sunday mornings - we spend a lot of time chatting, laughing and supporting each other through life's challenges. We started performing at the Bay St festival in 2014 with 3 songs and this year did two 30 minute sets. Additionally, apart from playing at various friends or family gatherings, have played the Koonya Garlic festival in Tasmania, RSL gigs in St Kilda (organised with SKULL, of which I am a founding member), had a 774 spot with Red Symonds, the Silver Fox - Joy FM and anywhere else we are asked or welcomed. We have recently done a recording of an original song which gave us a new perspective on the whole scene!

Someone Else's Wedding Band Sunday 17th March, 4:40pm - Open Studio

They say the best of things can be formed in the ashes and swamps of other things. Like that bit at the end of Planet of the Apes about we all really know where we came from and now we just have to work out how we got there and consider changing our ways or resort to primitive calculators.

Such wonderings brought together the duo that make up Someone Else's Wedding Band. Their attempt to break the formula for soundscapes brings about a melodic wheel of fortune - sometimes a pop, sometimes a hum, sometimes a harsh electric shattering twang. We'd like to tell you who the influences would be, but those who turn to their influences for help have no legs to call their own.

Jason swears beautifully into the microphone and brings about the deathly hallows from the space inside the ukulele strings, humming your favourite into something only Rowland S Howard could love. But fear not - there is always time for melodies and choruses. Naf resides in a seated position, commanding all appendages at the same time. Like some crazy arachnid he flails upon bass and stomp boxes in brutal choreography of sorts. Both form some mad kind of unison that must be seen to be heard to be believed.

Yarra YUkers

Saturday 16th March, 11:45am - Northcote Uniting Church - Chalice

“If you go down to Abbotsford
You’re in for a big surprise
On Tuesday nights in Abbotsford
The music reaches the skies.
The Yarra YUkes all gather there
To sing and play and share good cheer
On Tuesday nights the Yarra YUkes do their ukin’!”

The Yarra YUkers are a diverse bunch of ukers from across Melbourne drawn together by a love of making music. Harry Harrison and Betty France help them direct their prodigious energies into great ukulele playing and singing.

Luke Seymoup

Sunday 17th March, 4:00pm - Open Studio

Since releasing his debut album "The Professional" in 2017, Luke Seymoup has been busy. He released the solo ukelele EP "Uke Seymoup" back in May 2018; which was followed soon after by the record that gave rise to Ska's fourth wave: "Burnett Street"; a five-track Ska Opera, ten years in the making. Luke's style on the ukulele blends Emo-influenced chord progressions with song writing influences from Springsteen and Paul Kelly. With uke in hand, he is ready to pull heartstrings and make you shed a tear.
The record is also on Spotify and Apple Music

Awkward Strangers

Saturday 16th March, 1:00pm - 303 – Klub MUF

Andrew and Anke MacLean were individually awkward and strange for years before they started playing together in 2015.

They have performed internationally at the West Kola Music Festival in Solomon Islands, have appeared sporadically at the Citizens Circus in Fitzroy, and have attended regularly at the Klub MUK open-mic ukulele nights at Bar 303.

They baulk at writing their own material and, instead, play Other People's Songs in ways that are sometimes silly, sometimes soulful, but always surprising.

They invite you to discover the awkward stranger within you.

Balla Balla Ukes

Saturday 16th March, 5:10pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

The Balla Balla Ukes were formed in October 2017 and already have a strong following in their local community. In 2018 they have performed at Melbourne Ukulele Festival, Hills Ukulele Festival, Cranbourne Music Winter Uke Fest, as well as a variety of other community events, such as council functions, Australia Day and Christmas carol events. They welcome any new members from beginners to advanced. In addition to the group sessions, they also have many (optional) performance opportunities available for the group across the year. They meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at Balla Balla Community Centre in Cranbourne. Cost is $5 per session.

The Fabulous Meltones

Saturday 16th March, 12:30pm - Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice

The Fabulous Meltones is a new street band in Melton, which started up in mid-2016 as part of the Community Music Victoria StreetSounds project, and we are still going strong! We’ve performed at train stations, shopping centres, schools, parks, Council halls and in the street, including at the Dream Big Festival, the Djerriwarrh Festival, Geelong After Dark, at Harmony Day, and for Walk With Her. Can play totally acoustic or amplified as the occasion demands. Repertoire includes rock and pop classics as well as folk songs in several local community languages... we are an all inclusive, singing, shouting, crooning, toe tapping band open to people of all ages, ethnicities, genders and abilities. Instruments are provided or BYO; everyone is welcome to join in. We practice on Thursdays fortnightly from 4.00-6.00pm at the Melton South Community Centre in Exford Road. Plenty of free parking or a quick walk from Melton Station

Plastered Bastard Sisters

Saturday 16th March, 1:20pm - Open Studio

Kylie Brickhill and Lisbeth Dempsey combine in-your-face satirical humour with beautiful harmonies, ukulele and guitar.

The Plastered Bastard Sisters have a mile-long list of pubs, theatres and festivals they’ve played, shocked and rocked across Australia.

The duo’s irreverent stage antics and ‘very noice’ singing provide for a guaranteed good time!

The girls have played with the likes of Deborah Conway, Painters and Dockers,and Dave Graney.

They also represented Victoria in the Raw Comedy National Final(they lost).

Gigs include: Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival (NSW), Nannup Music Festival (WA), Commercial Hotel Yarraville, Darebin Music Feast, Midsumma Festival and the Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

George O’Hara

Sunday 17th March, 12:40pm - Open Studio

George O’Hara is a poet, musician and recorder of other poets and musicians. He has produced several CDs of poetry, ukulele songs and electronica over the last few years of his own and others work. He loves reading and listening to all types of music as well as creating music. He has performed with the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective and at a number of music festivals including the Australia Day Parade. He is also a member of The Bitter Disappointments and The Temporary Adults combining poetry, music and visual art. His ukulele songs of love, loss, biting social commentary and humour combined with his poetic electronica will make you laugh, think... and hopefully buy him a drink.