Chicks with Picks

Saturday 16th March, 12:30pm - 303 Band Room - $20/$15; Performance 2:00pm - 303 Front Room - Free

Helen Begley from Chicks with Picks Melbourne, will get you playing some brilliant songs in next to no time. Learn some basic strums, campanella style melody playing that any beginner can do, and a check in with your chords, put it all together and you'll be singing and playing with the Chicks with Picks on stage later in the afternoon!

Helen Begley's website

The Brass Traps

Saturday 16th March, 2:00pm - 303 Band Room - $20/$15

So you'd like to try songwriting, that will be great!
Commanding the crowd, fame and fortune await-
You pick up your pencil to pour our your heart,
But now there's a problem, just how do you start?
To get the ball rolling, you've all been invited
To learn what to write about and how to write it
The tricks for beginners from Bernard, your coach,
So come down and try out The Brass Traps Approach!

Please bring a pen and paper (though we'll have some spares)

The Brass Traps' website

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Cameron Murray

Saturday 16th March, 3:30pm - 303 Band Room - $20/$15

A regular on the Aussie uke scene, Cameron Murray is a George Formby-like strummer who enjoys performing original songs, as well as classics from the 1920s and ’30s. Endorsed by Romero Creations Ukuleles, he’s also an enthusiastic teacher and the publisher of international ukulele magazine KAMUKE.

Cameron will present a wide-ranging workshop that features something for all skill levels, including versatile Formby-esque strums and simple picking patterns that can be incorporated into almost any song.


Sunday 17th March, 12:30pm - 303 Band Room - $20/$15


Have you always wanted to try Jazz, but thought it was too hard? We'll show you how to add some "jazz" to basic chord progressions with simple chord substitutions. We'll also go through some simple Jazz progressions that are found in many popular Jazz standards. You need to have a good knowledge of basic chords to get the most out of this workshop.


Sunday 17th March, 2:00pm - 303 Band Room - $20/$15

Catering for all skill levels, this workshop takes participants from simple down/up strumming patterns to percussive strumming patterns, syncopated patterns, and patterns that combine picking and strumming. Players will learn a series of songs and also be taught about how to arrange songs using different patterns for each song section.

A low G-string on your ukulele is recommended but not mandatory.

Dafka Bo Diddley

Sunday 17th March, 3:30pm - 303 Band Room - $20/$15

Let’s have some fun with the ‘Bo Diddley beat’, the syncopated rhythm that is used widely in rock and pop music. It’s named after early rocker Bo Diddley who introduced and popularized the beat with his self-titled single but was used both before that and after him in many famous tunes. Come and learn the beat, play a bunch of great songs whether you’re a rusted on ukulele performer or a newbie.