MUF2021: Not the Party we Expected?

We hope that everyone is staying safe and coping with the strange happenings of the world at this time.


COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to our lives in 2020. In Australia and around the world, uncertainty has become the new normal. We were extremely lucky to be able to deliver a hugely successful MUF2020 just ahead of the introduction of restrictions in Australia. Even though the Festival was a success, international acts were not able to attend in person (we did have one of Covid’s earliest video events!)


Large festivals need to be planned well in advance and this requires certainty and stability to enable acts to be booked, venues to be organised and tickets sold. The MUF Committee is not confident certainty and stability will return to our society in the near future.


As a consequence, and with considerable frustration and disheartenment, we have decided we cannot continue to plan for a full scale MUF in 2021. The most prudent choice is to plan for a return to MUF as we know and love in 2022.


But, we are still hopeful of some form of MUF taking place in March 2021. Even if that is just a souvenir t-shirt (MUF2021 – Not the Party we Expected!). 


So, please keep following our social feeds and the MUF website for updates and new information.


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Why have we cancelled MUF2021? (not what we expected it to be!)

We were getting ready to plan for 2021, and it became clear that the COVID pandemic was going to be with us for much longer that we had all initially thought. 


It takes over six months to organise a festival. We would normally start booking acts around September the previous year, but with border restrictions and what has now eventuated in Melbourne, and wider Victoria, it is apparent we can have no certainty or expectation that out of state, let alone international acts, would realistically be able to attend.


We do not know what physical environment restrictions will prevail in March next year. We do not know if venue patronage limits will be viable or engaging for the audience or what it will mean for each venues ability to be sustainable.


For these reasons, and a range of other COVID influenced administrative factors, we have decided that MUF2021 cannot be MUF2021 – the party we expected.



Is this the end of MUF?

No!! The Festival is in a strong financial position after the success of MUF 2020 and is well regarded by performers and sponsors so we are hopeful (in a post-pandemic world) to bring you an amazing festival in 2022!



When will MUF be on again?

We hope we will be able to deliver some kind of MUF experience in March 2021. We all know and love Zoom by now, but who knows what form it will take. The MUF Committee is working on this – maybe a pimped up Virtual Klub MUF could be on the cards! We are also committed to returning MUF to its traditional glory in March 2022 (pandemic allowing).



What can I do to stay connected?

Please follow all of our socials and give us feedback, likes and shares!


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Does MUF have any surprises in store?

Well we don’t know! Just wait and see what we can pimp!


Why not postpone MUF to later in 2021?

We thought long and hard about this, but the latter half of the year is already host to many other ukulele festivals (SPRUKE, Newkulele, Central Coast, Deni Uke Muster etc) and we thought treading on their turf was bad form and the best thing for us to do was to plan for our Festival to reappear early in 2022.