Buskers Performances
Chalice Front Stage
930am to 4pm
Enjoy the many wonderful Buskers performances - for FREE!

Chalice Front Stage

930am to 10am

Originally starting out as fellow class members at the now defunct Thornbury Women’s neighbourhood house from 2012-14, The Thornberries were born out of a humble weekly ukulele meet from 2014 until present day. Their repertoire includes a punchy mix ranging from popular music, folk, classic and world music.With harmonies to die for, The Thornberries’ performance will leave a smile on your dial long after they have sung their last note.

Aloha UkeStars photo2.jpg
Aloha Ukestars

Chalice Front Stage

1145am to 1215pm


The Aloha Ukestars are a Melbourne group of enthusiasts of Hawaii, Hawaiian Cultural Practices, Hawaiian Arts, Hawaiian Music and Aloha who also have a joy for the ukulele.

Their aim is to share Hawaiian culture, practices, music and the Aloha Spirit respectfully and joyfully. Hence, their playlists are filled only with Hawaiian mele/songs or happy, positive, uplifting songs. 


Tracey and Kaleo’s love for ukulele began from regular journeys to Hawaii staying with their assorted Kumu (teachers).  Very grassroots – you get handed a ukulele and join on in, kanikapila style. ☺

Aloha UkeStars was formed in 2017 and has happily grown in happy Hawaii enthusiasts.

Aloha, joyful newbies are always welcome - regardless of skill level or simply to be a support singer 😍 We're about Inclusion, Aloha & Lokahi.


Chalice Front Stage

2pm to 230pm

Yoshi is an accomplished ethereal ukulele performer from Japan who is spending one year busking in marvelous Melbourne. 


Arranging joyous covers of well known classic songs, she is sure to bring happiness to your day. 


With over 6000 instagram followers, @yoshinous is fast becoming a performer to watch on the streets of Melbourne. 


Chalice Front Stage

1015am to 1045am

Wyndukes Ukestra are a contemporary uke group playing pop and rock songs with multiple uke parts and vocal harmonies.


They from the outer Western suburbs and feature songs by Billie Eilish, Gotye, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Beiber, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Coldplay, The Badloves, John Butler Trio, David Bowie and many others. They are an inclusive community ensemble directed by Steph Payne. 


Chalice Front Stage

1230pm to 1pm

The Qukes are an enthusiastic group who've been learning ukulele for several years at the Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre – currently with the fabulous Betty France.


Apart from enjoying getting together to play and sing in their weekly classes, the Qukes have performed at Kew Festival in the incredible Sacred Heart Cathedral, at St Paul's Community Fair and other local events. We are busy honing a great set to perform at MUF.

Sam Willee

Chalice Front Stage

245pm to 315pm

Sam Willee is a 14 year old busker from Melbourne. He writes his own original songs on the ukulele. He has previously attended the Melbourne Ukulele Festival (MUF) as a performer with the Uke4kids Family Orchestra (UFO). He has been playing the ukulele since he was 7 years old, and busking since he was 9. His favourite busking spots are on the Southbank and Swanton street outside Flinders street station. He also plays plenty of 80’s and 90’s songs.

Daisy Chains.jpg
The Daisy Chains

Chalice Front Stage

11am to 1130am

The Daisy Chains play 2 and 3 part instrumental arrangements of classical, jazz, world and folk music.

Tom Os.jpg
Tom Os

Chalice Front Stage

115pm to 145pm

Watch as an introvert faces his fears head on and escapes into his own little bubble where he pours his heart into singing until those fears escape him.

Honey Bees_buskers.jpg
The Honey Bees

Chalice Front Stage

330pm to 4pm

Singing and playing for a matter of weeks, this polished duo is getting encouraging feedback and some free drinks. Their style is a mix of songs their daughters tell them to sing (called Indie-Pop they think) and catchy things they have heard real musicians play. They are honest and hard working.