Carl Pannuzzo

Chalice Forecoourt - 10am to 1045am

With uniquely tuned ukulele and 'a voice like cracked sugar' (Elle Osborne, UK), Carl offers a dynamic and genre-diverse human experience and reflection with humour and empathy. Carl writes songs on the sharps of arrows. And when he sings them, they are delivered directly into the heart of people... (Naomi Edwards)


Carl Pannuzzo, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, autodidact, songwriter and educator, is in demand nationally and internationally, performing/recording with many groups and projects as varied as Bob Sedergreen, Opera Australia, Mia Dyson, Stephen Magnusson, Punctum Live Arts Inc., Sydney Childrens Festival, Casey Bennetto, Kavisha Mazzella, Cirque du Soleil, Fred Smith, Wienextra, Tripod, the boîte, George Nussbaumer, Music Outback, David Briggs, as director of Woodford festival massed fire choir, Totally Gourdgeous, Checkerboard, Acapelicans, in his own jazz quintet and as a soloist. As a creator, interpreter and improviser, Carl is recognized as a sensitive, dynamic and fearless singer, a quickfire musical mind and affable and engaging stage presence. Carl enjoys being a messenger for the articulate truth of music and delivers it with a balance of respect and abandon.

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