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Volunteers are the life-blood of community festivals. The organisers of the Melbourne Ukulele Festival are all volunteers and the festival itself would not happen without the many other wonderful people who give their time during the weekend of the festival.


The Melbourne Ukulele Festival is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from people who would like to volunteer at the 2024 Festival. Please read the Volunteer Information and Volunteer Agreement and apply!


We will be in touch to confirm your Volunteer Role and times.

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Please ensure you READ ALL the information below before starting your application. 



There are a variety of roles available for people with all sorts of skills and experience.

To volunteer at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, you must be over the age of 18 years old.

The most important thing we need is your enthusiasm and time. There will be a session to familiarise volunteers with the venues and the various assigned roles in the lead up to the Festival opening.

A list of different volunteer roles is provided below and in the application form.



Volunteers are expected to be available for at least 3 hours during the day of your choice. You must arrive at least 15 minutes before your shift to sign in and receive final instruction and any equipment for your role.

Prior to the Festival, there will be at least one online briefing (maybe more depending on your role) and a Volunteer Meet and Greet with finger food and drinks, on the Thursday night before the Festival.


Every effort will be made to match volunteers to their preferred roles and times, however we cannot make any guarantees. Allocation of roles will depend on the number and availability of volunteers.


- welcoming and directing visitors

- selling day & workshop tickets


- checking in Volunteers

- trouble shooting issues


- selling raffle tickets to patrons


- checking wristband entries

- answering questions

- trouble shooting issues


- ensuring performances are running on time

- trouble shooting issues


- introducing performers

- ensuring to adhere to a strict stage time

- engage with the audience

- announce and back announce performers

- ensure the performance schedule is adhered to

- refer to and thank a variety of sponsors

- must be confident being on stage and on a mic in front of large groups of people

- can perform the role for up to two hours at a time


- will need to be available Thursday and/or Friday


- will need to be available Sunday after 3pm


- selling alcohol/drinks to patrons

- will need a RSA Certificate


- ticket checking

- liaising with Workshop Facilitator

- introducing workshop

- trouble shooting issues
- staying for duration of workshop 

- if you are volunteering in this role, you are able to participate in workshop at no cost to yourself


The Melbourne Ukulele Festival insures it's Volunteers under its Public Liability Insurance.



The Festival does not provide accommodation to Volunteers. Volunteers are expected to make their own arrangements.



In addition to your Volunteer Pack, you will receive one of the following ticketing offers depending on the amount of hours you volunteer -


3 HOURS - 1 x Complimentary Day Pass either Saturday or Sunday


6 HOURS - 2 x Complimentary Day Pass - Saturday & Sunday

OVER 8 HOURS - FULL MUF PASS which includes 2 x Day Pass + Friday Night Concert + Saturday Night Concert


Monday 4 March @ 7pm - Volunteer Induction - ZOOM Meeting (link to be sent later) - mandatory for all volunteers (will be recorded)

Thursday 14 March 2023 @ 630pm - Volunteer Meet & Greet

On the Thursday Night before the Festival we will run a Volunteer Meet & Greet and final information night. In order for you to have any last minute information, and to meet Festival organisers prior to the event, it is highly preferable that you attend this final volunteer briefing. We'll be catering pizza and drinks on the night - there may even be an Open Mic stage so bring your Ukes!!


Thursday 14 March - Volunteer Meet & Greet - 630pm to 830pm (includes dinner & drinks!)

Friday 15 March - Friday Night Concert - Opening Concert @ Chalice Hall - 630pm to 11pm

Saturday 16 March - Festival Day - 9am to 6pm

Saturday 16 March - Saturday Night Concert @ Chalice Hall - 630pm to 11pm

Sunday 17 March - Festival Day - 9am to 6pm

Sunday 17 March - Klub MUF Afterparty @ Wesley Anne - 630pm to Late


Any questions? Please feel welcome to send us an email!

Volunteer Agreement.png

Please ensure you READ ALL the information below before starting your application. 

Submitting an application to Volunteer at MUF implies you accept these conditions.

Melbourne Ukulele Festival relies on its team of Volunteers to make the festival a success in the lead up to the MUF Festival weekend and over the festival itself. As a face of the Festival, you have a great time, will be calm and relaxed, love listening to and making music, you will be clear and consistent in your interactions with Festival goers. 


We are grateful for your time, experience, knowledge, talent, passion, and hard work.

  • You agree to take part in Volunteer training as required, which will involve at least attending one online Volunteer induction, and ideally the Thursday evening face-to-face induction.

  • You agree to carry out Volunteer tasks of at least 3 hours on a single day during the Festival - or more by arrangement.

  • You agree to complete the tasks assigned to you by following provided instructions, or as directed by the Festival Organising Committee. 

  • You agree to contact the Festival Volunteer Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent you commencing a shift. 

  • You agree that not completing my shift without ample notice may result in forfeiture your Festival Volunteer benefits.

  • You agree that no financial payment will be made by Melbourne Ukulele Festival for any services you provide as a Volunteer. 

  • You agree to wear your Melbourne Ukulele Festival lanyard whilst on duty. 

  • You agree to provide a responsible emergency contact with your application. 

  • You agree to the Melbourne Ukulele Festival ethos of accessibility and inclusivity, and you are prepared to work within that framework while volunteering for the Festival. 

  • You agree that the consumption of alcohol or other drugs will not impair your performance as a Volunteer at the Festival.

  • You are over 18 years of age.

  • Any intellectual property invented or created by you are a result of your volunteer work for MUF shall remain the property of the Melbourne Ukulele Festival.

  • You consent to the Festival altering in any manner all works (or other things in which copyright subsists) that you create or develop in the course of your volunteering for the Festival.


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