Someone Else's

Wedding Band

Open Studio - 415pm to 445pm

One uke

Two uke

Red uke

Blue uke

The Ukulele’s in this story are neither red nor blue, but there are two of them. You know what else there’s two of? Two eyes, two ears, two sets of arms and legs. Two lungs for breathing. Two kidneys for filtering the bile (is that how anatomy works?). Each of Someone Else’s Wedding Band’s members have these. They also each have a ukulele. 


This one has a star - a set of vocal chords and pedals boards for crooning and wailing. This one has a fast car - a nest of stomp boxes and wires for driving rhythms. 


Dr Seuss would be turning in his Truffula Tree forest grave. Nothing rhymes but there’s an element of pop, an element of noise. Nothing is real but this is to be seen and heard to be believed.


Find Someone Else’s Wedding Band out on a school night until maybe 6 or 7 because we try to get a solid 13 hours of good sleep and have Netflix to catch up on. 

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