Yanai Morris

Wesley Anne - 315pm to 345pm

Workshop - Northcote Town Hall - 930am to 1030am

Workshop - 303 Bandroom - 1pm to 2pm

Once upon a time, Yanai Morris thought making music with a guitar was the best thing ever. Then he had a ukulele awakening. Over time, this enlightenment led to many of his songs being rearranged for ukulele. One day, lightbulb moment, he decided to try combining ukulele and guitar on a few recordings. The result proved to be easily his best music in 15 years. You can hear it for yourself at on Soundcloud (ink below).


At MUF 2020 Yanai will be creating guitar loops to accompany his live ukulele+vocals and creating ukulele loops to accompany guitar+vocals.

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  • SoundCloud - Black Circle