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The Melbourne Ukulele Festival (MUF) - Australia's second (by one month - Blue Mountains beat us!!), international ukulele festival established by Dean W. Denham (Dino Divo) in 2010.
Since then, MUF has become a musical institution. Workshops, performances, local and international acts and experts, as well as a musicians marketplace, and a song-writing contest in the lead-up to the Festival.
MUF is an annual event proudly presented by a dedicated group of uke enthusiasts and performers.  MUF gathers the ukulele tribe from all over Australia and the world gathering in Melbourne to share their love of ukulele - the small but mighty instrument.
All are welcome to our festival and we encourage new visitors to come and take a look.

Each year the Festival is created anew by the Committee drawing on the legacies and success of the past and building the ukulele institution that MUF has become.

Memories of Past MUFS

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