Workshops Galore!

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Arranging Songs in Two Parts

In this workshop Sue and Brendan from Duplicity will show you how to make songs sound more interesting by arranging them in two parts for lead and rhythm ukulele. This approach works for duos, trios and larger groups. This is a hands on workshop suitable for players of all abilities.

All Levels


Rumble Ukulele Jam

Come on a musical adventure with these comedic gypsies as they take you step-by-step through the chords, rhythms and vocal harmonies that make their songs unique. Bring your ukes and your voices. A workshop for players of all abilities.

All Levels


Play Lead Uke in 30 Seconds

Join Terry and go from zero to riffing in 30 seconds!

You may even pick up some music theory. Even if you've never played music, all you need to bring is a sense of rhythm and Terry will do the rest!

This is a gold coin donation workshop!

Skills Level - no experience required 


Staircase Method for Kids

Wanna know the quickest way to learn your favourite songs? Well hold onto your ukulele and climb the staircase to chordal happiness.


The Staircase Method is a simple, fun and interesting way for ukulele players of any age and level to play almost any song they want.


If you already know a little bit or a lot about playing the uke, bring your ukulele and a list of songs you would love to play to this workshop and we will try to play all of them!

Not for complete beginners but fine for kids who have started learning recently and know a couple of chords.

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Ukulele Grab Bag

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus issue, Ukulele Russ has chosen not to travel to Australia.

Several right and left hand skills to enhance the songs you already know and to help add some colour to your playing. Skills include; a tremolo strum (often used by mandolin players), natural harmonics on the ukulele, palm muting, fretting hand muting tricks, and the power of thumb strumming/playing.


Grubby Urchins

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Going to New and Exciting Places with your Right Hand

Stuck on monorhythmic fingerpicking? Struggling with your samba groove? Compound time getting you down? These hot topics--and many more--will be demystified by The Grubby Urchins (Daniel Bornstein and Joe Hillel) as they take you down the rabbit hole of rhythm. They’ll share a veritable cornucopia of techniques, tips and tricks to get the most out of the right-hand, everything you need to explore, experiment, and find your own unique rhythmic voice on the ukulele.



Classic Bowie

Come and meet Melbourne's famous ukulele-harmony David Bowie tribute phenomenon! Choose your weapon as you navigate three distinct parts of a classic Bowie tune: riff, fingerpick or strum to a fabulous finale where everyone will rock out in perfect harmony.

The art of arrangement is key to The Thin White Ukes orchestral approach. In this one hour workshop, whether it be a beginner's strum or a lightning-fast blur of riffing fingers, they will help you find your own groove.

All Levels


Introduction to Songwriting

Ever wanted to try your hand at songwriting but didn’t know where to start? By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the tools you need to write your own song. You will also work in a group to put your knowledge into action!

All Levels

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Helen Begley

Uke Jam!

Join Helen Begley and Chicks with Picks in our uke jam!

Helen Begley from Chicks with Picks Melbourne leads a super duper fun ukulele jam session. Come and play along with the students from Chicks with Picks Melbourne. We'll be playing songs that everyone can join. From Fleetwood Mac to Savage Garden, with friendly chords, some twiddly bits and a great chance to have a good sing and strum. Everyone is welcome!

Music provided just bring your ukes.

This is a free strum-a-long!

Chalice - 415pm to 515pm

All Levels

No Need to Book

Uke n Sing in Sweet Sweet Harmony

Wanna spice up your jam? Nicki & Craig from All the Way Home give you a taste of some (not so) secret ingredients for sweetening up your group music making. Whether you’re raw talent or a seasoned strummer there’s something in the mix for you!

All Levels


Leonard Cohen for the Ukulele

In this workshop you will learn several classic songs from the late, great Leonard Cohen. In the process, Amie will also teach you a method for adapting your favourite songs to suit your style, ukulele skills and voice.

All Levels


Beyond Plucking and Strumming

It's chords Jim, but not as we know it.

So you’re having a good time strumming away on your favourite songs. You’ve also gotten into plucking some melodies and maybe some arpeggios.


Lots of songs sound great when you strum them ... but … have you ever played a song where you felt like maybe there was a different way of playing those chords that might suit the song better?


Most musicians and music teachers differentiate between playing chords (3 or more notes at a time) and melody (one note at a time).  With the ukulele, there’s a whole spectrum between strumming chords and plucking melodies, and I will be your guide as we explore this vast and fascinating terrain.  You will learn that strumming and plucking are, unlike oil and water, two ingredients that can be mixed together easily and in various ratios.

For intermediate players who have some experience with strumming and plucking.

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Your Ukulele Can Have the Blues

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus issue, Ukulele Russ has chosen not to travel to Australia.

The Blues are not  just for guitars and piano. Ukuleles can have the blues as well! Russ explains simple 1-4-5 blues progressions in a couple of keys and also gives you some licks and turnarounds to give you that full bluesy sound. You'll be on your way to singing your troubles away in no time!