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1st Prize - $250 Cash

2nd & 3rd Runner Up - FULL MUF Pass for 2025

MUF24 Song-writing Competition

Timeless Melodies Await!

Attention all musical time travelers and songsmiths!

Step into the rhythmic realm of MUF's Song-writing Competition for MUF24! It's time to synchronise your original tunes and enter into the MUF24 Song-writing Competition!


Whether you're a seasoned composer or a budding songwriter, this competition invites you to harmonize your melodies with the echoes of time at MUF24!


MUF’s very own SONG-WRITING COMPETITION starts now!


First Prize - $250 cash + the opportunity to perform your song at the Friday Night "Time of Your Life" Concert at the Chalice Hall

2nd Runner Up - Full MUF Pass for 2025

3rd Runner Up - Full MUF Pass for 2025

Entry details and rules are below.

Closing date for entries is -

MIDNIGHT Wednesday 6 March 2024

Purpose of the Competition!

  • To promote the writing of original songs featuring the ukulele

  • To provide opportunities for non-professional songwriters to perform and promote their songs

  • To have fun!

The Rules!

  • The work must be an original song, featuring the ukulele. It cannot be an arrangement or adaptation of another song.

  • Entry is open to anyone over 18 years old.

  • Entries are limited to THREE songs per entrant. Each song is a separate entry.

  • Songs should be no more than four minutes in length.

  • We require a song sheet showing the lyrics and chords, accompanied by an mp3 recording (if you’d prefer someone else to sing or play that is fine).

  • Entries are registered through Trybooking HERE

  • Entries must be received by Wednesday 6 March 2023. 

  • Entry fee is $20.

  • The judging panel will shortlist a maximum of five entries by the 11 March 2023. The shortlisted entries will be advised at that time that their entry has been shortlisted. All shortlisted entries will be invited to perform their song (or get someone else to perform it) at the Sunday Night "Time to Say Goodbye" Wind Down Concert at the Wesley Anne.

  • Shortlisted Artists agree that MUF make reasonable use of their work for promotional purposes.

  • The overall winner will be announced and asked to perform their song at the opening Friday Night "Time of Your Life" Concert.

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