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MUF 2022 Update #2 - Program Teaser, Tickets & New Jingle

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

2022 is almost here! We can’t wait to see you at MUF 2022!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And, however you choose to spend the break may the season be full of joyful music!

In this update:

• New mailing list!

• Here Comes the MUF! Tickets are taking off & MUF Program Teaser

• From Us to You: Jingles, Sponsors & Merriment

• MUF Uke Tip

• How you can be involved!

New Mailing List!

We have now migrated over to a Mail Chimp list service. It’s much easier for us to use and look after. We have moved everyone from the old list to this new one. Of course, if you ever want to unsubscribe just click the link at the bottom of this message.

Here Comes the MUF!

We are delighted with the response we have had so far to early bird tickets!

They are a perfect stocking stuffer for the ukulele play in your life!

Tickets at the special early bird price (til 31 Dec only) can be had at –

We are excited to announce that we have been able to extend the program for MUF 2022 across three fantastic days.

MUF 2022 will open on FRIDAY night with a Showcase Concert at the Chalice Hall.

SATURDAY features small venue Performances, Workshops, Blackboard Stage, Market Place, Uke Kafé as well as informal jamming, until we head up the street to the Thornbury Theatre for the MUF signature Concert featuring the Ukulele Death Squad along with Tuckshop Ladies, Yanaii Morris and the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective!

Tickets for the evening concert available at –

SUNDAY wakes up to an easy start with another full program of small venue Performances, Workshops, open-mic Klub MUF, the MUF Market Place and Uke Kafé.

The full program and workshop details will be available in early January!

MUF 2022 is on 18+19+20 March in High Street Northcote in Melbourne’s inner north.

From Us to You

Remember our Festival Jingle from MUF 2020?

Here is a reminder:

Here is a sneak preview of the 2022 Jingle thanks to our friends at Athens Voice restaurant on High St. in Northcote. They liked our jingle rehearsal so much they asked dues to play it again to put on their Facebook page!

Athens Voice have been hosting our meetings and serving us yummy food when we have been able to meet face-to-face. They are just down the road from the central Festival venues. Check out their Facebook page

We will be recharging our batteries for the new year over the next few weeks including a few of the MUF Committee heading to the Girgaree Music Muster –

We know there will be a strong Ukulele contingent there so we look forward to meeting some old friends and new!

Keep watching our socials as we will still be dropping updates and treats over the Christmas-New Year period.

MUF Uke Tip!

High G, Low G?

If you want to start a debate in Ukulele circles this is one of the questions you could ask that will guarantee some diverse views. So, what is the difference?

Most ukuleles are turned GCEA, with the C being middle-C and the G being the G above that. A low-G (often written gCEA) swaps that high G-string for the G below middle-C. This makes your ukulele sound a little more like a guitar, as guitars are also tuned with their strings running from low to high.

A high G ukulele will give you that traditional sound we all know, whereas a low G will be more mellow. We feel that having a mix of high and low G instruments in an ensemble is a great way to add body and depth to your sound.

If you are just changing your strings, think about trying out a low-G. Pop into your local music shop and buy a classical guitar D-string (these are wound, nylon core strings). Load it up, tune it to G and away you go! It’s as simple as that! If you like the sound, great! If not, it’s easy to swap back to your high-G and away you go. Always remember to have fun with your playing!!

How You Can be Involved

Community Groups

MUF 2022 features 2 days showcasing some of the best community group talent Australia has to offer. Groups will again be performing in the fabulous Chalice Church a perfect and intimate venue to enjoy the ukulele at its grass roots best.

This year some community groups will also be leading “Play Songs With Us” sessions on the Chalice Courtyard Stage. For beginners and more experienced, there will be something for everyone as you get to measure yourself up against the groups you have just watched do their thing on stage. There will even be some loan instruments available for anyone new to the instrument or wanting to co-opt a new friend.

Consider Volunteering at MUF

Give back to your Festival as a Volunteer. Many roles will be required and you will be recognised as one the team who made MUF 2022 happen!

MUF is looking for volunteers willing to help with:

Set up and pull down of venues

Helping Festival goers find workshops and venues

Staffing venues and ticket checking

Helping at the Fesitival Hub - working with people and sales

Supervising Green Rooms and performer equipment

Stage Managing smaller venues

Sound Engineering and technical support

General Assistance to the Festival

If you are interested in helping at MUF 2022 please register your interest by email at making sure your contact details (email/phone) are clear and the kind of roles and days/times you would be available to help.

Performing at MUF

Don’t forget! No matter if it is your first time on stage or not, you can participate in the Festival as a performer on the walk-up open mics:

Blackboard Stage 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday in the Chalice Hall

Klub MUF Sunday 2pm-5pm at Bar 303!

Like, Follow and Share our Socials

Follow our socials –

And subscribe ( to our email list for more information as the Festival gets closer.

Kind Regards


President & Creative Director

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

On behalf of the

MUF Organising Committee

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