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MUF 2022 Update #3 - Saturday Night Headline Performers!

MUF 2022 Update #3 - Saturday Night Headline Performers!

We can’t wait to see you at MUF 2022!

Saturday night is going to be huge! We have so much energy ready to be pumped onto the stage that everyone will feel like they have been plugged into a Tesla charger!!!

In this update:

• Feature - MUF 2022 Saturday Night Headline Performers & Early bird extended!

• From Us to You: Coronavirus Stuff

• MUF Uke Tip

• How you can be involved!

MUF 2022 Headline Performers & Early Bird Extended!

New Year’s feel good - Early bird pricing on all MUF tickets has been extended to 31 January 2022. Don't miss out on this special price. Book your tickets now at

A MUF PASS at $130 Early Bird is great value and gives you 2 days Festival access plus BOTH the Friday and Saturday night concerts (workshops available individually).

Booking your tickets early will help us plan and ensure we deliver a successful Festival.

Saturday Night Concert - Headline Performers

Saturday night unfolds in four acts all chosen to bring you up and leave you there, burning bright and hanging on the sun!

First up is Yanai Morris, a multi-instrumentalist who discovered the ukulele was the perfect vehicle to bring an experimental and heartfelt approach to a fusion of folk, rock and jazz with a set featuring covers and original material. Yanai’s masterful playing will draw you in and leave you feeling authentically connected to the artist and his music.

Then, equipped only with four strings and the truth, the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective hit the stage with a sudden sunrise of sound and colour! MUK proclaimed the Ukulele Revolution had arrived back in 2004 and keep crossing borders, smashing boundaries and taking the ukulele to new outlandish heights! Renowned for playing hard, dressing up and smashing the audience.

And then, prepare yourselves for two ladies who have played at festivals across Australia, the United States and Canada while admitting to birthing many of their songs in the back of a tour van! The Tuck Shop Ladies strap on their ukuleles, pull back the curtain and illuminate the stage to share an intimate selection of often ridiculous but always harmonious material that gives you an insight into the life of touring musicians, and might leave you wanting to run away with the band as well!!

Now if you thought you had been MUF’d enough! We are very proud to present the Ukulele Death Squad! Prepare to be wowed as the UDS smash the boundaries of our four-stringed instrument. Renowned across Australia and internationally for their stage-craft, mad thumping rhythms and outrageous solos, the UDS present a mix of favourites and original material drawing on a blend of flamenco, mexican, rap and folk in a performance that will blow minds and snap strings. Stay on at your own risk, but we guarantee you will come away change, converted and fully MUF’d!

MUF 2022 is on 18th, 19th and 20th March in and around Northcote in Melbourne’s inner north.

From Us to You

Coronavirus isn’t something we really want to talk about, and we had hoped that community cases and restrictions would have been behind us by now. But, it seems the virus and associated restrictions are going to be with us for some time.

It goes without saying that we need to comply with all current government restrictions and requirements. As a small festival, we have some advantages, but we still need to make sure our venues are compliant and viable - so we will be checking in with our venues and performers over the next few weeks.

You can help us buy buying tickets NOW! Of course, if we have to cancel or postpone due to Government restrictions you will get a full refund, but by buying now you help us know that we are able to go ahead with MUF 2022 with the confidence of strong community support behind us.

We are committed to offering you a viable and vibrant festival and will continue to work towards that end.

MUF Uke Tip!

Pace and Space

Often strum-a-longs can seem like a race to get through as many pages of a song book as possible in the allotted time. This can be a lot of fun but it doesn’t allow for consideration of two important aspects of music, that is, pace and space.

The pace at which we play a song, and the space, when we don’t play, can be all important in conveying feeling and emotion. This is something good to practice yourself. Try slowing down some favourite songs or speeding them up and see what difference it makes. Then, stop strumming in some places, or just doing a single strum on a chord, keep singing, or just stop completely. Silence is one of the most powerful tools in music to draw audience attention to something you really want them to pay attention to (teaches will know a stony silence works well in the classroom too!)

Most importantly of course, have fun and keep learning!

How You Can Be Involved!

Consider Volunteering at MUF

Thank you to everyone who has already put their hands up to help at MUF!

Giving back to your festival as a volunteer is a great way to get a behind the scenes view not available to most. Many roles will be required and you will be recognised as one the team who made MUF 2022 happen!

MUF is looking for volunteers willing to help with:

Set up and pull down of venues

Helping festival goers find workshops and venues

Staffing venues and ticket checking

Helping at the Festival HUB - working with people and sales

Supervising green rooms and performer equipment

Stage managing smaller venues

Sound engineering and technical support

If you are interested in helping at MUF 2022 please register your interest by email at – – making sure your contact details (email/phone) are clear and the kind of roles and days/times you would be available to help.

Performing at MUF

Don’t forget! No matter if it is your fist time on stage or not, you can participate in the Festival as a performer on the walk-up open mics:

Blackboard Stage 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday in the Chalice Hall

Klub MUF Sunday 2pm-5pm at Bar 303!

Like, Follow and Share our Socials

Follow our socials –

And subscribe ( to our email list for more information as the Festival gets closer.

Kind Regards


President & Creative Director

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

On behalf of the

MUF Organising Committee

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